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Since our inception in 1961 as Sony’s in-house design department, we have been delivering new value in a variety of forms, from design and concept development of high-quality products and services to brand communication, interactive design utilizing technology, business strategy visualization, organizational management for design-driven business, and more.
By releasing our long-established design capabilities to the world, we believe that we can help solve social problems and create cultural value in addition to generating new business opportunities.


We will “SHIFT” existing concepts and things from new perspectives to “expand possibilities” by utilizing “DESIGN”. We believe that “DESIGN SHIFT®” can shift the perception and role of design itself by showing the effects and utility of design in business.



Second Generation Product Design and Communication Development

CLIENT : ambie Corporation


Rebranding in the target expansion phase

CLIENT : LIXIL Corporation

Open Innovation Village オフィスリニューアル

Interactive office as a place for business creation

CLIENT : Sony Startup Acceleration Program


We design with management in mind, based on our in house experience. We provide design consulting services that take a broad view of design, including corporate strategy support, product development and design and mass production support, evaluation and management of design organizations, management of intellectual property such as trademarks and designs, and learning programs.

for Strategy

Companies need to have a medium to long-term perspective in order to achieve continuous growth. We work closely with management teams while performing ongoing design consultations to effectively and efficiently leverage design from the long-term perspective of branding.

for Society

In this age of unpredictability, there is even greater value in the intuitive experience of products and services. The communication surrounding these intuitive experiences is very important in building a brand. We provide designs that deliver high quality experiences subsequently boosting brand value.

for Future

The role of design is to embody a company’s strategy and values. We offer learning programs in design, strategic implementation, and the expertise we have built-in managing the in-house design organization supporting the various enterprises of the Sony Group since our establishment.

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